3M Plastics Reduction Includes Recycled Materials in Packing Tape Products


What You Need to Know About 3M’s Commitment to Reducing Plastics

At 3M, sustainability commitments and product life cycle innovation are more than phrases issued in press releases and annual reports – they are woven into the culture. That’s true for reducing plastics too. Sustainability acts like a motivational challenge to design products that not only address end-user needs, but also solve environmental challenges. When The …
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Do More with Less: Just One Strip and It Ships – Securely

Gone are the days of needing layers of tape to feel your boxes are securely sealed. With Scotch® Brand premium packaging tapes, all you need is one strip of tape on the top and bottom seams of your box and you have a secure seal you can trust, guaranteed. Packing boxes can be a painful, …
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Responsible Chemistry

Reformulated Indoor Mounting Tape Reduces Solvent Emissions

As a sustainability leader for decades, 3M has continuously worked to find ways to reduce our environmental impact by doing everything from looking at the sustainability of our manufacturing operations to finding ways to make our packaging more sustainable. That includes using materials that can be easily recycled or using recycled material to make packaging. …
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Upcycle Your Home with a New Coat of Paint and the Perfect Tape

It’s amazing the difference that a new coat of paint can make, transforming your home from dull and drab to bright and beautiful. You may feel that refreshing your home with a new coat of paint is too big of a project for you to tackle yourself, but with the right tools, professional results are within …
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