Gone are the days of needing layers of tape to feel your boxes are securely sealed. With Scotch® Brand premium packaging tapes, all you need is one strip of tape on the top and bottom seams of your box and you have a secure seal you can trust, guaranteed.

Packing boxes can be a painful, cumbersome process involving many steps and a lot of supplies, not to mention the stress of worrying about whether or not your packages will remain securely sealed during shipment, which can at times be a very bumpy ride.

Less Tape, More Confidence

There’s nothing quite like shipping with the confidence that your boxes do in fact have a secure seal that will withstand all the bumps of the road. You can ship out your items and get back to life, family, projects, and so on – with peace of mind. No more worrisome questions: “Am I packaging this right? Is there enough tape on my box? Will this stay sealed?” With Scotch® Brand premium tapes Scotch® Box Lock  and Scotch® Heavy Duty, you can use less tape while feeling more confident in the security of your shipments.

Shipping out goods to customers, loved ones, businesses or even tackling a move – those tasks can keep a person busy. Sealing with Scotch® Brand premium packaging tapes allows you to streamline your process, spending less time sealing up those boxes – no longer needing to apply 6+ strips of tape to your box! With just two strips of tape per box, you can use less tape and move through your mountain of boxes at a much faster and efficient rate.

Scotch® Brand has been manufacturing packaging tapes in the United States for over thirty years utilizing US and globally sourced materials. Throughout production of Scotch® Brand packaging tapes, 3M strives to minimize waste and pollution from the manufacturing process, reusing and recycling adhesive film and dispensers when possible. The adhesives used in these consumer tapes are made in a zero-waste-to-landfill facility that is certified in energy management.

Scotch® Heavy Duty and Scotch® Box Lock Packaging Tapes can help you get the job done with confidence. Scotch® Heavy Duty secures even heavy boxes, up to 80 pounds in fact. This heavy-duty adhesive hold keeps your boxes moving, securely, between homes. Scotch® Box Lock provides an extreme grip on box fibers, creating a strong seal – even on 100% recycled boxes. One strip of either of these premium packaging tapes from Scotch® Brand is all you need so you can pack more efficiently, seal more confidently, and get on with your move having used less tape in the process.

Scotch® Brand’s Best Tape for Recycled Boxes

And did you know? Not all boxes are made equally. Boxes of today are being made increasingly with recycled content and it is because of this, no box surface is exactly the same, which means – it may be more difficult for tape to stick depending on how much recycled content went into your box. If you are someone who procures boxes from a variety of places or even repurposes boxes from around the home, Scotch® Box Lock and Scotch® Heavy Duty Packaging Tapes are for you. No matter the box surface or recyclable nature, you can stop the worry of whether your tape will stick and start sealing with confidence.

Do More with Less Material and Move On with Your Move!

The Scotch Brand backs the performance of their premium tapes with language such as “Sticks Instantly to Any Box,” “Extreme Grip on all Box Types” and “Guaranteed to Stay Sealed*” to help consumers everywhere trust and believe in the strength and security that went into the development of these tapes.

Designed to work for you, consumers can trust that when they seal with Scotch® Brand premium packaging tapes, they can feel confident in only using one strip of tape along the top and bottom box seams instead of layering on multiple strips. Additionally, they can feel good knowing they used less tape while still achieving a secure seal, one that is ready to move.

A good rule of thumb when sealing from home is to ensure each strip of tape extends about 3-inches down along each side of the box edge. This provides enough box surface for the tape to grip which promotes that secure seal.

A securely sealed box is great because it means it will keep your items packed inside right where they need to be no matter where they are going. But did you know, a box that is properly sealed can help to minimize waste and damage that might otherwise occur. Here are some tips to properly seal a box.

  1. Clean: The box surface should be clean, dry, dust-free and free of other labels so the tape sticks properly.
  2. Apply Tape: Lay tape on the surface, pressing down securely as you go. Don’t lift and try to adjust the tape, as it adheres instantly.
  3. Ensure 3-Inches of Tape: Extend each end of the tape over the box edge about 3-inches down along each side of the box.
  4. Secure Tape: Press tape down firmly with both hands.
  5. Flip ‘n’ Pack: Flip the finished side of your box over and begin packing your box. Once ready to seal, repeat the same technique on the other side of the box.

*Proof of purchase required

The family of premium Scotch® Brand Packaging Tapes includes:

  • Scotch® Box Lock Packaging Tape – Best for 100% recycled boxes and previously used boxes to help extend their life
  • Scotch® Heavy Duty Packaging Tape – Best for heavy boxes and for staying sealed throughout all the bumps of the road