As we strive to model our values and to do the right thing for our customers, associates, communities and the environment, The Home Depot must reconcile our impact on the climate, and the metric we use is carbon emissions.

As a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. Of all the greenhouse gases, CO2 is the biggest contributor to climate change. CO2 enters the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and other materials and through certain chemical reactions. The Home Depot has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions (Scope1 and Scope 2) 2.1% per year, with the ultimate goal of achieving a 50% reduction by 2035.

The Home Depot tracks carbon emissions using industry-standard metrics which include:

Scope 1: Direct emissions from combustible sources and refrigerants

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from purchasing electricity

Scope 3: Emissions from upstream transportation and distribution of freight