Within The Home Depot, there is a large contingency of eco-conscious associates. They call themselves the Sustainability Squad, and they are living proof that Eco Actions make a difference. They are living a DIY sustainability lifestyle. Each month, we sit down with members of the Sustainability Squad to learn more about their inspiration and motivation and their individual Eco Actions.

This month, we sat down with Kenneth Camp, an Associate Product Development Merchant who works closely with Hubspace. We discussed the practicalities and benefits of smart technology in managing holiday decorations, found out some of Kenneth’s tips on sustainability during festive seasons in his own personal life and highlighted the latest additions to the Hubspace range of products.

EA: Let’s start with your beginning at The Home Depot. How did you come to join Depot and with Hubspace?

KC: I joined Home Depot recently as an Associate Product Development Merchant. Previously, I supported Home Depot for over 15 years as a supplier, working with various lighting manufacturers. I’ve mostly been developing innovative light fixtures and LED light bulbs for Home Depot, keeping the company at the leading edge of the market. This time period was during the lighting industry’s shift from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs. In the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to join Home Depot and develop smart home products for Hubspace, which includes anything from lighting to ceiling fans to holiday lighting and more. So, it was a natural progression for me.

EA: With the holiday season coming up, how do you incorporate sustainability into your holiday practices?

KC: I use a Hubspace outdoor smart plug for the light display at my house, ensuring they’re on only when people can see them. The lights turn on at sunset, off at midnight, then on again at 6am and off again at sunrise. This routine offers a nice view for morning commuters and school kids. Additionally, I’ve been using the same artificial Christmas tree since 1994, inherited from my parents and helping to reduce our annual holiday waste. However, its incandescent lights consume 400 watts, so I plan to switch to the new Hubspace Waldorf Fir tree, which is pre-lit with Hubspace LED lights and only uses 50 watts. By using LEDs, the tree will use 90% less energy than it would with incandescents.

EA: As the Associate Product Development Merchant for Hubspace, how does Hubspace simplify the setup and management of holiday decorations?

KC: Hubspace is designed for easy and fast setup. With the Hubspace app, users can scan the QR code on any product and be up and running in less than a minute. We ensure that it’s user-friendly. Hubspace also allows for easy manual control of lights, compatible with voice commands through devices like Alexa and Google Assistant, to simplify the process of turning off lights when leaving the house.

EA: Do you have any tips for making holiday celebrations more sustainable with smart technology?

KC: Repurposing or reusing lights for different holidays or year-round use is an easy sustainable practice. Our full-color light bulbs can change to any color for any holiday and return to a preferred white for everyday use. My personal favorite is the Hubspace outdoor low-voltage landscape lights, which can be transformed for holiday themes and require no postseason cleanup.

EA: Are there new Hubspace products for the holiday season?

KC: Yes, Hubspace is launching items specifically for the holidays, including the smart Waldorf Fir Christmas tree I mentioned earlier, as well as pre-lit garland and wreath, color-changing C9 LEDs and Micro Dome string lights. These products use individual light control called IC technology, which allows for customization down to the individual bulbs, right from the Hubspace app.

EA: How has working at Home Depot influenced your view on sustainability and energy conservation?

KC: We focus on energy conservation in various ways, like virtual meetings and pushing suppliers to lower energy usage of products. Despite the ENERGY STAR® program’s phaseout for lighting, Home Depot maintains those energy standards in product development. Personally, I’ve adopted energy-saving practices at home, like using smart light switches and automated routines to turn off lights.

EA: What does sustainability mean to you?

KC: Sustainability is about easing the burden on the electrical grid and saving on personal energy bills. With LED lighting and smart products, it’s possible to enjoy desired lighting setups while being energy efficient. LEDs will help customers save on their bills and generate much less CO2.

EA: For those hesitant about adopting smart technology, what would you say?

KC: Look for easy ways to save energy and have fun with smart lighting. Hubspace offers the best value in smart products, making it cost-effective to invest in energy-saving technology.