The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded The Home Depot two prestigious Partner of the Year Awards from their Safer Choice and WaterSense programs.

These recognitions not only fortify The Home Depot’s position as an industry leader, but also reiterate our dedication to offering products that are both sustainable and safer for consumers.

Understanding Safer Choice

Safer Choice, an initiative under the EPA’s Pollution Prevention program, guides consumers and businesses towards products that are both effective and safer for the health of humans, pets and the environment. To cut down pollution at the source, the program gives the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard label to products that use safer and more sustainable ingredients, aligning with our pillar of Responsible Chemistry.

This isn’t the first time The Home Depot has been recognized for our contributions to the Safer Choice program. We received their Partner of the Year Award twice before in 2021 and 2022. This year, we were recognized for educating and promoting Safer Choice to our customers for our Safer Choice product selection, which includes cleaning products and other household essentials.

Diving into WaterSense

The EPA’s WaterSense program helps guide consumers towards water-efficient products, practices, and services and provides resources to learn more about water conservation. WaterSense gives its Partner of the Year Award to those businesses that have significantly impacted the water conservation market.

This is the third consecutive year that The Home Depot has received the WaterSense Partner of the Year Award, and our pillar of Water Conservation exemplifies our dedication to this program. The Home Depot’s product line boasts 6,200 WaterSense-approved items, including, but not limited to, shower heads, toilets, faucets and sprinkler timers. In 2022 alone, our customers’ WaterSense purchases reduced water consumption by 33 billion gallons and saved more than $686 million on water bills.

In conclusion, The Home Depot’s dual recognition for the EPA’s Safer Choice and WaterSense programs highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship. By choosing to stock products that prioritize Responsible Chemistry and Water Conservation, we’re creating a safer and more sustainable future for all.