Spotlight on Solar Lights

Looking for ways to enjoy your outdoor living after the sun goes down but don’t want to deal with wiring outdoor lights? You might want to consider outdoor solar lamps. According to Jessica Robinson, Associate Product Development Merchant, “Solar lights are a clean, renewable energy source.” Rather than depending on electricity for their power, each solar light uses a rechargeable battery to store energy and shine bright. That means no wires and no hassle for you to deal with installing and using the product.

If you are thinking of the dim, little solar lights of the past, think again. Solar lights have enjoyed some major technological advances. “In the last five years alone, we’ve seen significant innovation in solar lighting,” Robinson said. “In recent models, we’re seeing anywhere from 12 to 14 hours of runtime and higher lumen output due to improved battery capacities and panel tech.” Put simply, today’s solar lamps are better engineered and last much, much longer than the two-year lifespan of older models.

These energy-efficient models draw no power (remember, no wires) and have low emissions. And maintenance? Just give your lamps a little cleaning as needed and replace the batteries every few years, and they should work just like new. There are also plenty of accessories in The Home Depot like sconces, string lights and more to add to your outdoor light selection.

If you are looking for pathway lighting, Hampton Bay’s Laurelview Pathway Light is our standout offering, featuring a graceful design that promises to enhance your outdoor aesthetic while respecting the planet. Durable and weather-resistant, its solar-powered efficiency provides a radiant glow for up to eight hours when fully charged and automatically turns itself on and off. Check out our solar light installation tutorial to find out how to place your lights for the best effect.

Do you have lawn features you would like to spotlight with a warm white color temperature? Pair the Laurelview with our Hampton Bay Adjustable Beam Spotlight. This innovative spotlight allows you to adjust the focus of your lighting from a wide to narrow beam with its adjustable lamp head. You can use a narrow beam to highlight a specific yard feature.


1. New solar lamp models have had a major glow-up in recent years, making it easier to create a lively outdoor space after dark without wasting power.

2. They are easy to install and provide a sustainable addition to any outdoor living space.

3. By using renewable solar energy to light your yard at night, you are contributing to a more circular economy.

Embracing outdoor solar lamps is a smart choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space in a sustainable, hassle-free manner. With significant advancements in solar lighting technology, solar outdoor lighting promises to illuminate your outdoor living spaces with efficiency while adding a touch of elegance to your environment.


Candace’s Take

I am thrilled about the innovations in solar lighting technology that we are bringing to our customers. Our new range of outdoor solar lights showcases our commitment to providing sustainable and beautifully designed lighting solutions. At Home Depot, we are proud to illuminate the path to sustainability, one solar light at a time.

Candace Rodriguez,
Senior Director of Sustainability


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