Carbon Emissions

Better Batteries Are Helping to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Household Chores

As The Home Depot looks for partners to lead our industries into a cleaner future, one clear leader in carbon reduction is TTI. A world leader in power technology, TTI is the manufacturer of such reputable brands as RYOBI and Milwaukee. For years, TTI has been leading advancements in lithium-ion battery technology. In 2020, The …
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Responsible Chemistry

With New Product Innovations, Now’s a Great Time to Grow Organic!

One of the biggest myths about organic gardening is that using organics means growing wimpy plants and accepting smaller harvests. In fact, going organic can be one of the best gardening decisions you’ll ever make, and Miracle-Gro is stepping up to help with revolutionary products to feed and nourish gardens, organically. Today, more gardeners than …
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