Tread Lightly: Protecting Biodiversity in Summer Fun

In the summer, millions of people are drawn to the great outdoors by nature’s pull to interact with fresh air and wildlife. Natural variety is indicative of the biodiversity of small and large ecosystems. Every field, forest and stream is an ecosystem teeming with bacteria, insects, animals, plants and more. When we enjoy these ecosystems …
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Thinking Sustainably: Happy Sustainable Holidays from The Home Depot

At The Home Depot, we deeply understand the significance of sustainability and its enormous impact on every facet of our business operations. We’ve always aimed high in our sustainability journey because we know it’s important to dream big and stay motivated. Much like our customers, we set big goals for ourselves and worked hard to …
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Water Conservation

Q&A with Suzanne Bontempo, Our Water Our World Program Coordinator

Everything we put into the earth affects our ecosystem, and that’s especially true when it comes to gardening and managing any pests that might be in the mix. This month, we talked to Suzanne Bontempo. Suzanne is the program coordinator for Our Water Our World (OWOW), an award-winning partnership between city- and county-based water pollution …
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Sustainable Forestry

Q&A with Christopher Kelley, Featured Associate for The Home Depot #SustainabilitySquad

Within The Home Depot, there is a large contingency of eco-conscious associates. They call themselves the Sustainability Squad, and they are living proof that Eco Actions make a difference. They are living a DIY sustainability lifestyle. Each month, we sit down with members of the Sustainability Squad to learn more about their inspiration and motivation …
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Carbon Emissions

Eco Actions Guide to Ecofriendly Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a perfect time to give the gift of green and with a year full of product innovations, there is no shortage of new products to help. With Eco Actions on your side, giving greener is even easier. Whether you’re shopping for the gardener, techie, energy-efficiency expert or do-it-yourselfer, this Ecofriendly Holiday Gift …
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Water Conservation

The Home Depot Awarded 2022 WaterSense Partner of the Year

The Home Depot is committed to helping protect water resources by selling products designed to conserve. The store not only offers a large selection of WaterSense-labeled products, but also helps to make those products more affordable for customers. When you see the WaterSense label, you know that product has been certified to perform as well …
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It’s Never Been a Better Time to Save Water

Droughts rob communities of the rain and snow that replenishes their much-needed water supply, which makes saving water for future use more important than ever. With so much of the country facing drought conditions, it’s never been a better time to save water wherever you live. According to the U.S. drought monitor, 53.8% of the contiguous …
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The Home Depot Stores Practice Smart Watering

  There’s irrigation, and then there’s “smart” irrigation. The difference? About 470,000 gallons of water. Irrigation systems are designed to make landscape watering easy and automated, but they don’t always make the best use of resources. Traditional irrigation systems can waste water by watering in the rain and over-watering certain areas. In fact, a clock-timer-controlled irrigation …
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