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Safer Choice Is Keeping it Clean

The Home Depot offers everything you need for environmentally preferred cleaning, including everyday, all-purpose cleaners and chemicals for more challenging cleaning projects like removing limescale, rust or calcium. The Home Depot has been on a journey to offer environmentally preferred cleaning products for years. To that end, in 2022, The Home Depot stopped selling residential …
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Benefits of Organic Gardening

In the last four years, home gardening has grown so much in popularity that more than half of American households now garden. This hobby has become a whole new industry of people not only growing better-looking landscaping, but also growing their own food – specifically, organic food. Organic food sales in the U.S. almost doubled …
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How to Create a Pollinator Garden: Your Sustainable Garden Guide

In this guide we will tell you how to create a pollinator garden.

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Spotlight on Organic Plant Food

Spotlight on Organic Plant Food Organic plant food – also called “organic fertilizer” – is a vital aspect of growing healthy and hearty organic plants. Often, consumers want to switch to organic gardening, but the price point can intimidate them. So, as organic gardening continues to grow in popularity, the need for more affordable, high-quality …
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Repelling Mosquitoes Naturally

There are multiple ways to keep mosquitoes away without harming the environment. Take these following steps:

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Q&A with Chris Waits, Merchandising Vice President for Paint at The Home Depot

The Paint Department at The Home Depot is a dynamic place. It’s always changing and always busy. From improved paint formulations to evolving color palettes and even the cans themselves, a lot has happened in the Paint Department over the last decade. No one knows this better than Chris Waits, Vice President of Merchandising for …
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Q&A with Mike Swanson, Merchant for Outside Garden, Soils and Mulch

What flour is to baking, soil is to growing. And good gardeners are particular about their soil. They care as much about what’s not in it as what is. After all, growing is a process, and as with baking, there’s more than one way to bake a cake. One person who knows the ins and …
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Bell Nursery Is The Home Depot’s 2022 Environmental Partner of the Year

Each fall, The Home Depot releases its annual list of the most innovative products to hit its shelves, both in-store and online. Each year, in conjunction with these Innovation Awards, The Home Depot honors suppliers in several other categories, including the Environmental Partner of the Year. This year, that prestigious title went to Bell Nursery …
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