Water Conservation

Smart Irrigation with WaterSense®

It’s spring, and many lawns are already greening and growing. The EPA’s WaterSense program recommends a Sprinkler Spruce-Up this time of year to check your irrigation system for broken or leaking sprinkler heads. Maintenance is key to avoiding spikes in your water bill and potential flooding of landscaping. Since most homeowners run their irrigation systems …
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Water Conservation

EPA’s WaterSense® Fix-a-Leak Week

Household water leaks in the U.S. can waste nearly one trillion gallons of water each year. That’s equal to the amount of water needed for 11 million homes for a year according to the EPA’s WaterSense program. In fact, the average home may lose almost 10,000 gallons of water every year, and 10% of homes have …
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Carbon Emissions

Double Victory: The EPA Honors The Home Depot for Sustainability Efforts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded The Home Depot two prestigious Partner of the Year Awards from their Safer Choice and WaterSense programs. These recognitions not only fortify The Home Depot’s position as an industry leader, but also reiterate our dedication to offering products that are both sustainable and safer for consumers. Understanding Safer …
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Water Conservation

Q&A with Lena Medina, Featured Associate for The Home Depot #SustainabilitySquad

Within The Home Depot, there is a large contingency of eco-conscious associates. They call themselves the Sustainability Squad, and they are living proof that Eco Actions make a difference. They are living a DIY sustainability lifestyle. Each month, we sit down with members of the Sustainability Squad to learn more about their inspiration and motivation …
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How to Test Your Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

This guide will walk you through simple and accessible ways to test your water.

Water Conservation

Q&A with Suzanne Bontempo, Our Water Our World Program Coordinator

Everything we put into the earth affects our ecosystem, and that’s especially true when it comes to gardening and managing any pests that might be in the mix. This month, we talked to Suzanne Bontempo. Suzanne is the program coordinator for Our Water Our World (OWOW), an award-winning partnership between city- and county-based water pollution …
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Water Conservation

What Is Xeriscaping?

When someone says ‘garden,’ what do you envision? You’re probably thinking of lush plots filled with a multitude of bright and colorful flowers, bounded by the greenest grass imaginable. It’s probably every gardener’s dream, right? However, if you live in arid or drought conditions, that’s just not possible without paying an arm and a leg …
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Water Conservation

Protecting Your Garden from Drought

Everyone loves a green garden and lawn, and it’s no secret why: Who doesn’t enjoy walking barefoot on lush grass? A garden filled with beautiful flowers and plants can help the environment and give you a better appreciation of nature. However, gardens and lawns can take a serious hit when droughts occur. What Are Droughts? …
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