As a sustainability leader for decades, 3M has continuously worked to find ways to reduce our environmental impact by doing everything from looking at the sustainability of our manufacturing operations to finding ways to make our packaging more sustainable. That includes using materials that can be easily recycled or using recycled material to make packaging.

While looking for ways to improve adhesion to modern paint chemistries, 3M decided to reformulate how we make Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape. In the process, we found a way to help reduce our solvent emissions during the manufacturing process by using an innovative new adhesive. By utilizing a new 100% solids adhesive, we reduced our solvent use by over 300k pounds per year. But that’s not all we’ve been doing to help the environment. We’ve also eliminated PVC from the packaging which helps improve package recyclability.

Beautify and simplify your space quickly and simply.

Whether you’re creating a gallery wall or affixing the family chore chart, you can easily tackle any indoor project in seconds flat, without the hassle of tools. Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape holds up to 15 lb, while delivering a strong bond every time because of its 3M industrial strength adhesive.

This tape is ideal for painted drywall, finished wood, metal, acrylic, tile, or glass and allows you to organize your space quickly, easily, and beautifully without any tools. But it’s not just about your space in a micro-sense that this product benefits. It’s also about our space in a macro-sense. While Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape does an excellent job inside your home, our refined manufacturing process helps improve the environment by reducing emissions in the manufacturing process.

The family of Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tapes are designed for Painted Drywall, Finished Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Tile and Glass.