What Do We Mean by Circular Economy?

The Home Depot is working to help the industry change the way we think about materials. We believe that the circular economy is a model worthy of investment and commitment. A “circular economy” aims to ensure products and packaging never become trash. The foundational principles of this idea are found in nature, where nothing is …
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Sustainable Forestry

How Do You Fight Climate Change? Trees and 2x4s. Lots of Them.

Sustainable forestry has been a passion and strategy for The Home Depot for over 25 years. Over the years, we have established supply chain protocols to ensure visibility into where our products come from and to safeguard the health of these forests. One example of this is our preference for certified wood. Wood is considered …
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Sustainable Forestry

Creating Wildfire-Resilient Forests in California Helps Us All

Wood may be one of the easiest products to connect back to the environment. Behind most wood products you see at The Home Depot, there are forests. For products made by Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC), those forests are carefully managed with two goals in mind: sustainability and productivity. Balancing sustainability and productivity means managing both …
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Responsible Chemistry

BEHR Paint: Pushing the Paint Industry Forward

The Home Depot’s sustainability goals drive our progress and, in turn, benefit our customers, communities, associates and partners. These goals are often not ours alone to meet, they require the engagement of other companies to drive change. When we established a goal to reduce suspect chemicals in paint, we knew it would require paint manufacturers …
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The Home Depot

3 EPA Wins from Home Depot in 2017!

Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability was recognized three times by the EPA in 2017! Click here to learn how our energy-efficient product assortment was recognized by ENERGY STAR® for Retail Partner of the Year! Click here to learn how EPA’s WaterSense® selected Home Depot to be Partner of the Year for our commitment to saving …
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Earth Day 2016: Tips for an Efficient and Healthy Home

Earth Day 2016 is all about healthier and smarter homes and chemical-free gardens. Check out these tips for ways to save energy, water and money; to maintain good indoor air quality; and to keep your yard healthy for family and pets this spring.    
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Tomato Garden

Organic Gardening

USING INSECTS TO TEND YOUR GARDEN IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK By Annie Joseph, Gardener & Nursery Professional  Due to popular demand, we are sharing this blog again! Keep reading to learn how easy it is to attract beneficial insects to help care for your garden instead of using chemicals. A healthy garden is home to many …
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Water Conservation in the shower

WaterSense Label Leads to Water, Energy and Cost Savings

The average American uses 100 gallons of water a day at home, and while those gallons add up, so do the dollars. A typical U.S. household spends $1,100 per year on water, but it can save $350 annually simply by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances. What’s more, reducing water use doesn’t just pad your wallet …
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