Over the years, paint formulas have steadily evolved, yielding a wide assortment of high-performing, low and zero VOC products. While the products have improved, the containers have not.

Anyone who has embarked on a DIY paint project can relate to the inevitable struggle that is disposing of old paint and paint cans. First, there’s the paint, which can dry out or become contaminated with rust. Then there is the paint can itself, which is not easily recyclable even when it’s empty.

All that changed in 2019 with the launch of Behr’s Simple Pour paint lid and can. With this new container, the team at Behr has made painting easier for painters and recyclers. With the Simple Pour lid and can, paint is easier to use and easier to save, and the containers are easier to recycle. The lid and can feature a 100% recyclable design that is made from 100% post-consumer plastic. The Simple Pour lid and all-plastic can are currently available with the Behr Marquee® product line, and shoppers can expect to see more Behr products transition to the new packaging over time.

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