BEHR products offer durability, sustainably sound manufacturing methods and improved formulations. They provide consumers with the dependability, beauty and functionality they want, without sacrificing safety and environmental concerns. The chemists at BEHR have always sought to balance performance with responsible chemistry.

Over the years, the team at BEHR has worked to reduce and eliminate VOCs from many of their products and to maintain a vigilant awareness for emerging chemicals of concern. All the while, they’ve continued to advance their formulas to include high-performance products like BEHR MARQUEE®, which can achieve color coverage in a single coat.*

Along the way, BEHR paint cans have transitioned to an all-plastic can that is made from 100% recycled plastic and which is, itself, 100% recyclable. Learn more about responsible chemistry by reading the full story about BEHR paint and their efforts to push the paint industry forward.

*Valid only when tinted to colors from the MARQUEE® Interior One-Coat Hide Color Collection.