When it Comes to Recycling, Materials Make the Difference

Recycling paint cans just got easier thanks to the team at Behr Paint Company. Behr is transitioning products in one-gallon containers from a hybrid package to an all-plastic Simple Pour package. The new lid and can feature a 100% recyclable design that is made from 100% post-consumer plastic. That’s good news for painters and recyclers.

The effort to make a more sustainable one-gallon paint can began years ago when the team at Behr first began experimenting with a new design. The primary obstacle to recycling for traditional one-gallon paint cans is the combination of materials used. Behr’s one-gallon paint cans, for example, use a hybrid of metal and 100% post-consumer plastic. This requires separation to recycle properly, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The all-plastic Simple Pour package is more sustainable and easier to use for DIY painters. While consumers are still able to easily open the full paint can lid with a paint key or screwdriver, the Simple Pour spout features a twist-open cap for a cleaner, more precise pour, making your painting experience more convenient.

Simple Pour: How It Works

Traditional paint can lids require a paint key or screwdriver to open and a mallet or hammer to close – both of which can damage the metal can and spoil paint that’s saved for reuse or touch-ups by exposing it to air.

Behr’s newly developed paint cans will be sold with a complimentary, washable, 100% recyclable plastic pour spout that snaps onto a 70mm opening on the top of the lid, which can be resealed with a simple twist-open cap. For those who prefer to dip their brush directly in the can while painting, the new lid can be removed the traditional way as well.

“DIY and professional customers alike will appreciate this new design that ensures a perfectly clean pour and easy, secure storage every time,” said Chris Waits, Merchandising Vice President at The Home Depot. “The new lid also saves time and effort for customers due to the easy-to-remove plastic screw cap – helping shoppers get in and out of the store and back to ‘doing.’”

The new paint can, featuring Behr’s Simple Pour lid, is rolling out now in one-gallon cans of the brand’s most advanced paints that offer one-coat hide, BEHR MARQUEE® Interior and Exterior Paint and Primer. Shoppers can expect to see more Behr products transition to the new packaging over time.

Paint Disposal and Recycling Tips

According to the paint experts at Behr, the easiest way to reduce the hassle of disposing of paint is to order the correct amount of paint for the project. Behr has an online calculator to help the consumer estimate the amount of paint needed for the project to reduce the possibility of waste.

If a consumer does have paint that needs to be disposed of, then we advise to research their local paint disposal regulations and options. Many areas have local household hazardous waste drop-off sites that will collect old and unwanted paint. Some areas allow consumers to mix water-based paint with sand or kitty litter to solidify the paint. Once the paint is solid and dried, it can then be thrown in the regular trash bin. If all the paint is used, the consumer can then allow the can to dry. Once the paint film has dried, they can peel the paint out of the can, throw the paint film away and recycle the can.

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