The holiday season is synonymous with joy, magic, and twinkling decorations that light up our homes and hearts. Yet, amidst this festive spirit, it’s crucial to remember the environmental impact of our celebrations.

Statistics reveal that Americans generate about 25% more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and holiday decorations contribute significantly to this increase. But fear not! It’s possible to keep the holiday spirit alive while being kind to our planet. If you’re eager to involve your family in some sustainable holiday projects, we have some wonderful ideas for you.

Foraging for Nature’s Gifts

Why not combine a family adventure with holiday crafting? Take your kids to a local park, nature trail, or even your backyard and embark on a treasure hunt for natural decorations. With a little decoration, pine cones, leaves and sticks can be transformed into a charming, rustic holiday centerpiece. To make your creation sparkle, opt for biodegradable glitter, use recycled fabric for ribbons, and nontoxic materials for painting or gluing.

Keep in mind that pine cones can hide bugs and debris, so preparing them before you craft is essential to create a lasting decoration. You can find a tutorial on how to clean pine cones here.

Don’t have easy access to outdoor spaces? We’ve got you covered. The Home Depot sells bunches of fir tree branches that you can use for your home decorations as well as flower arrangements.

Edible Ornaments: A Treat for the Eyes and Palate

Edible decorations are a delightful and sustainable option. Slice up and dry out navel oranges, which are in season from November to January, and string them together with recycled sisal twine to create vibrant garlands. Combine them with cinnamon sticks for an ornament that not only looks great, but also smells heavenly, too. Be sure to choose cinnamon that’s ethically and sustainably sourced to stay true to your green commitment.

Upcycled Fabric Ornaments

Got any worn-out clothing or blankets that even Goodwill won’t take? Before you discard old clothes, consider transforming them into unique fabric ornaments. These can be a fun and creative way to recycle materials and add a personal touch to your holiday décor. If sewing isn’t your forte, hot glue can be an excellent alternative for assembling these ornaments. If little ones are involved, make sure that everyone knows the rules of the glue gun.

Smart and Sustainable Décor with Hubspace

Don’t have any time in your holiday hustle for arts and crafts? For those with a hectic schedule, Hubspace offers a range of holiday decorations that are not only easy to set up, but also energy-conscious. When you’re done, you can control all your decorations through your smart device, ensuring a seamless, energy-efficient holiday experience. You can learn more about Hubspace’s decorations from our interview with Home Depot’s Hubspace Associate Product Development Merchant Kenneth Camp.

This holiday season, whether you’re putting up the lights, coordinating the crafts, baking up a storm or just enjoying the holiday cheer, we hope you enjoy yourself as you make wonderful memories with your friends and family. By choosing sustainable holiday decorations, you’re not just celebrating, you’re also contributing positively to our planet, helping to reuse and recycle everyday items to get in the spirit. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy, laughter and sustainable cheer this year.