The Home Depot’s focus on selling products made from sustainable sources of wood dates to 1994, when certified-sustainable wood shelving first arrived in our aisles. We recognize the positive impact we can achieve by working with suppliers that adhere to set standards of forest management and tree species selection. To help protect endangered forests and support efforts to preserve timber for future generations, we established a Wood Purchasing Policy in 1999 and continue to update it.

We are proud of our ability to create positive change by encouraging sustainable forestry practices. We strive to better understand the social and economic effect that wood purchases have around the world, especially in regions with endangered forests.

The Home Depot and Discovery Education teamed up to build Science Fair Central, a platform to give students a virtual passport to the Global Supply Chain, where they can learn how raw materials become everyday essentials. To learn how The Home Depot approaches forests and forest products together, click the link below and view Chapter 2.


To see how our supplier, Mendocino Redwood Company, practices sustainable forestry with a focus on fire management, read the article.

To learn how another supplier, JD Irving, is rebuilding forests by planting approximately 18 million new trees each year, click here.