The Home Depot’s biggest environmental impact is the products we sell. We work with our suppliers to address global environmental concerns in products including carbon emissions, water scarcity, air quality, waste and more. In 2007, we founded our Eco Options program to recognize the best of these products through stringent criteria in six key product categories:

Carbon Emissions

Eco Options criteria - Energy Star
We are partnering with suppliers and the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program to promote the following products:

LED Bulbs
LED Light Fixtures
Solar Power & Lights
Wind Power
Window Film
Home Sealing Products

ENERGY STAR-Labeled Products:

Air Conditioners
Air Purifiers
Holiday Light Strings
LED Bulbs
Light Fixtures
Ceiling Fans
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Smart Thermostats
Water Dispensers
Water Heaters
Windows & Doors


We are partnering with suppliers to promote products that demonstrate key circular economy principles:

Design with intent to avoid pollution and waste in manufacturing, use and end of product life
Minimize the depletion of natural resources
Facilitate the reuse of material indefinitely
Protect the natural environment


We are partnering with suppliers to promote products that meet the following criteria:

FSC 100% or Mix Percent-Certified Products (does not include FSC Recycled)

Responsible Chemistry

We are partnering with suppliers and these agencies to encourage products that promote a healthy home and clean air.

Biodegradable Lawn Bags
Biodegradable Peat Pots
Composters SaferChoice-Certified Cleaners
100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content Products (n/a for packaging)
OMRI or NOP (for Organic Gardening) Listed Fertilizers, Pesticides, Plant Foods & Soils
USDA-Approved Organic Plants, Pesticides &Seeds
Cradle-to-Cradle Material Health Certification Silver, Gold or Platinum
Low/Zero VOC Adhesives and Caulk
Low/Zero VOC Paints: Follows the SCAQMD VOC Limits for 2008
Low/Zero VC Stains and Coatings
Push Reel Mowers
GREENGUARD®  Gold-Certified Products

Water Use

We are partnering with suppliers and the EPA’s WaterSense® program to promote the following products:

Compost Toilets
Rainwater Collection/Rain Barrels
Dual-Flush Converter Kits

WaterSense-labeled products:

Bath Faucets
Faucet Aerators
Shower Heads
Irrigation Controllers