Project Guide

Weatherproof Your Front Door to Save Energy

Difficulty: IntermediateTime: Over 1 Day Print

If your door has fallen out of alignment, take time to make certain your door fits straight before you begin weatherproofing. If you plan to attach a new door bottom with a drip edge, you may have to plane the bottom of the door slightly. You’ll want to make certain the strike plate and latches are in alignment.

1. Adjust the Door

Adjust the door - Weatherproofing Entry Door

Reset and shim hinges to even out the gaps around the door, making the door easier to weather strip. Adjust strike plates and latches to keep doors snug in their frames.

2. Cut Metal Tension Strips To Fit Door Jamb

Cut metal tension strips fit door jamb - Weatherproofing Entry Door

  • Tack the strips in place and open them slightly to create a tight seal. If using V-Seal weather strip, cut them with scissors and fold them lengthwise along the seam. Remove the adhesive backing and stick the weather stripping in place.
  • You can create a double seal by putting tube baskets with metal backing on the outside of the door. Cut them to length with tin snips, and screw or tack them in place so that they are snug against the door.

3. Option A: Screw a Bristle Sweep to the Bottom of the Door

Screw bristle sweep bottom door - Weatherproofing Entry Door

Sweeps help keep air from leaking under the door, and you can attach one without trimming the door. Sweeps also are available on rollers to compensate for an uneven floor.

4. Option B: Attach a New Door Bottom with an Integral Sweep

Attach new door bottom with integral sweep - Weatherproofing Entry Door

Place an integral sweep drip edge on the outside. This may require you to adjust your threshold height or plane the bottom of the door slightly.

5. Option B: After Attaching a New Door Bottom, Seal the Wood

Attach new door bottom with integral sweep - Weatherproofing Entry Door

If you plane the door, seal the wood by painting it before you attach the sweep.

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