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5 Ways Home Depot Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

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An energy efficient home can cut your heating and cooling bills. Save time as well as money by having the Home Depot install five key energy savers for you. From insulated garage doors to more efficient water heaters, our local and insured pros can install it all. Read on for five projects that can quickly improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Exterior Door Installation

Exterior doors can be a prime source of cold drafts and heat loss. A well-fitting new exterior door can lower your heating and cooling bills. Exterior door sizes can vary, so schedule a free appointment with one of our licensed, local installers. We’ll come to your home, take an accurate measurement and recommend options. During your exterior door installation, we’ll take off your old door and put in your new one. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to take care of your new investment.

Water Heater Installation

Few home appliances can run up an energy bill like a water heater can. When you get a high efficiency traditional or tankless machine, you’ll save money and help the environment. We offer a free consultation and same-day installation. Our professional, local plumbers will handle every aspect of your water heater installation. We’ll deliver your new water heater, help with permits, haul away the old unit and do a final inspection.

HVAC Installation

Almost 50 percent of your total utility bills can come from heating and cooling your home. Our local pros can repair your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. Or you can get a completely new HVAC installation. Reduce your energy costs by upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioning or heating system. Our local HVAC pros will make sure your new equipment is installed correctly so you get maximum cost-savings.

Window Installation


Drafty or old windows allow for 25 to 30 percent of your heat and air conditioning to escape. Putting in new windows can improve your home’s look and cut your energy costs. We’ll help you select the style, frame and glass type that works best for your home. Our experienced, local pros will make sure your window installation project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Garage Door Installation

A garage without an insulated door can let cold air come in as easily as it lets heat go out. Installing the right type of garage door prevents your HVAC systems from overworking to warm or cool your home. We’ll help you choose the best garage door to keep your energy costs under control. Our local pros will handle every step of your garage door installation, from delivery to any clean up.


Make your home more energy efficient the easy way with our professional installation services. The Home Depot installs high-efficiency appliances, energy saving windows and more. When you’re ready to cut your heating and cooling bills, we’re ready to help.