In the realm of sustainability, the positive and negative impacts of our actions are measured in handprints and footprints. While a footprint measures one’s environmental impact, a handprint represents the many ways one benefits the environment. Mohawk believes in actively pursuing handprints in addition to minimizing their footprint, which is why they prioritize manufacturing products that contribute to a circular economy.

As the manufacturer of Lifeproof Carpet with PetProof Technology, Mohawk has designed a product that combines renewable resources with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

It all comes down to the innovative fiber Mohawk uses. Triexta fiber is made in part from plant-based ingredients that consume less energy, reduce carbon emissions and require fewer virgin materials. In addition to being better for the planet, Lifeproof Carpet with PetProof Technology is better for your indoor environment too. It’s OEKO-TEX® certified to be free from harmful substances and CRI Green Label Plus approved.

Carpet That’s Petproof and Environmentally Friendly

Mohawk’s Lifeproof Carpet with Petproof Technology extends our planet’s natural resources and brings consumers the ultimate peace of mind. Mohawk’s Triexta carpet fiber ensures excellent durability and built-in permanent stain resistance plus spill and soil protection so active families with children and pets can live more and worry less.

Lifeproof Carpet with Triexta fiber resists stains and wear without sacrificing softness. It just doesn’t get more environmentally friendly than Triexta, which is made in part from annually renewable plant-based ingredients that consume less energy with fewer GHG emissions and minimize the usage of our limited natural resources.

• Triexta fiber is made with up to 37% renewable biobased content by weight
• Manufacturing of Triexta uses 30% less energy and produces 63% less GHG emissions vs. the equal amount of nylon 6 fiber

Triexta is also FHA approved, CRI Green Label Plus approved for indoor air quality and OEKO-TEX® certified to be free from harmful substances. Carpet also acts as a giant filter in your room, working to keep dust and other irritants out of the air until you remove them with your vacuum.

Keeping Carpet Out of Landfills

Triexta also reduces environmental impact because it lasts longer than comparable carpet fibers. Once its lifecycle is complete, carpets with Triexta fiber can be recycled. Since 2006, Mohawk has diverted 159 million pounds of carpet from landfills with its ReCover Carpet Recycling Program. To put that into perspective, recycling 1,000 square feet of carpet and pad:

• Keeps approximately 500 pounds out of landfills
• Eliminates the need for approximately 48 gallons of petroleum oil
• Reduces approximately 913 pounds of CO2 emitting into our air (equivalent to 950 miles driven by car)
• Creates local “green” jobs for communities

It has been estimated that carpets account for 3.5% of all material disposed of in U.S. landfills.

You can rest assured that Lifeproof Carpet is responsibly manufactured and can be diverted and continually recycled. If you are considering carpet for its comfort and warmth you might also be interested to know it’s sold in bulk rolls, so it doesn’t require consumer packaging and it gets cut to your specific room measurements to help minimize waste. Carpet buyers can rest easy knowing they can choose a Lifeproof Carpet with Petproof Technology that is family, pet and environmentally friendly.