Meet Geoff Case, a seasoned lumber and decking merchant who kick-started his retail journey at Grossman’s…if you don’t count his summers picking peaches in Northern California during college.

After a fruitful six-year stint with Georgia-Pacific, he eventually found his way to Home Depot’s lumber department, where he has dedicated the last 25 years of his career. We want to take a moment to highlight Geoff’s remarkable journey before he bids us farewell and retires in August.

Throughout his impressive tenure at Home Depot, Geoff has overseen the treated lumber and decking category, building enduring relationships with lumber producers and suppliers. Over the years, he has witnessed significant changes in the industry, ranging from protests to forest land management advancements, chemical innovations and the rise of composite boards through recycling initiatives. But what truly stands out about Geoff is his unwavering dedication to serving the customer.

To Geoff, the customer is always the driving force behind all his decisions. Home Depot owes much of its success in the pressure-treated product line to Geoff’s focus on ground contact retention values, a feature exclusive to the company among major retailers. Additionally, he introduced joist tape to protect decks from weathering, thereby extending their lifespan and ensuring customer satisfaction. Geoff understands that listening to customers and associates is pivotal to any merchant role.

Moreover, Geoff has played a vital role in growing the sustainable composite decking category in collaboration with longtime suppliers such as Trex, Fiberon and Azek/TimberTech. These composite boards have gained recognition for their exceptional durability, resistance to various damages and impressive 20- to 30-year warranties. Beyond their utility, these boards actively contribute to environmental conservation by preventing millions of pounds of plastic film from ending up in landfills each year. This sustainable approach involves utilizing wood waste from the lumber industry combined with recycled plastic film pellets from Home Depot’s supply chain process. The partnership with Trex in particular has redefined the decking category, offering customers both quality and environmental responsibility.

Geoff strongly believes that better products lead to better projects, which, in turn, keeps his customers satisfied and coming back. His passion and commitment to sustainable innovations have made him a valuable asset to Home Depot, and he leaves behind an enduring legacy. “I was honored to be trusted with one of the largest product classes in the company,” Geoff said, a sentiment that resonates with his dedication to driving positive change.

As Geoff embarks on this new chapter of his life, he will be dearly missed by all. Home Depot wishes him the best of luck, and the industry owes him a debt of gratitude for making the world a better place through his work with sustainable products.