RE100 is a global and collaborative initiative that is driving the change to renewable electricity. Short for “renewable 100 percent,” the coalition is led by Climate Group and CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project).

Renewable energy types include solar, geothermal, water, wind and biomass, which are organic materials from plants and animals. Established in 2014, RE100’s mission is 100% renewable energy consumption across the globe. The initiative currently has over 300 members, many of which are the world’s most influential businesses.

This year, The Home Depot announced a goal to reach 100 percent renewable electricity for its facilities by 2030, and joining the RE100 campaign will reinforce the company’s efforts to improve the environment through cleaner energy.

To learn more about The Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability, read Our Commitment. Click here to read the 2021 ESG report.

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