Save Today. Save Tomorrow. Save for Good.

The Home Depot estimates that our customers’ purchases of ENERGY STAR® products helped reduce annual electricity use by 7.5 billion kilowatt-hours in 2020. To understand just how big an impact that is, consider that it amounts to a savings of over $1 billion on energy costs and lowering carbon emissions by over 5 million metric tons. We’re  proud of this progress, but we are always looking to do better.

Making Energy Efficiency Affordable For All

One way we are working to expand energy savings is by making products more accessible to all. Last year, The Home Depot offered over $358 million in markdowns, for ENERGY STAR refrigerators alone, to help relieve financial and environmental costs to more homeowners.

For over two decades, The Home Depot has encouraged suppliers to make products more energy-efficient and affordable. With this in mind, we worked directly with our private brand factories to design a refrigerator that is high quality, costs less and  is ENERGY STAR certified.

Meet the Vissani Refrigerator

The new Vissani® stainless steel refrigerator will soon be for sale at The Home Depot. With an estimated yearly energy cost of less than $43 and an opening price point of approximately $549, this refrigerator will make purchasing an energy-efficient product easy under any circumstances. It’s just another way The Home Depot is helping all customers save today, save tomorrow, and save for good.