At The Home Depot, we deeply understand the significance of sustainability and its enormous impact on every facet of our business operations. We’ve always aimed high in our sustainability journey because we know it’s important to dream big and stay motivated.

Much like our customers, we set big goals for ourselves and worked hard to achieve them. As we reflect on the past year, we’re excited to share our achievements with you, our dedicated customers and partners. These milestones reflect just a fraction of the work we’ve done, but we believe in celebrating every step of the way. Let’s take a moment to celebrate these milestones in our shared commitment to a more sustainable future.

2023 Sustainability Achievements

  • The Home Depot estimated that customer purchases of ENERGY STAR® products helped reduce annual electricity use by 3.8 billion kilowatt hours, saving customers nearly $1.2 billion in energy costs and lowering carbon emissions by 2.6 million metric tons.
  • The Home Depot estimates that water-saving products we sold helped customers reduce water consumption by over 33 billion gallons. That’s over 50,000 full Olympic pools!
  • The Home Depot eliminated 81 million square feet of PVC film by redesigning its private label packaging – enough to cover Central Park twice.
  • The EPA recognized The Home Depot for our leadership and contributions in sustainability, including:
    • 2023 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year
    • 2023 WaterSense® Partner of the Year
    • 2023 Safer Choice Partner of the Year
    • 2023 Green Power Leadership Award

Looking Ahead

While it feels good to look back on our accomplishments, we didn’t get to where we are by resting on our laurels. We must look ahead to the future, too, and our latest goals do just that. As we mentioned before, these are just a few of the many plans we have towards making your Home Depot experience more sustainable.

  • We’re aiming to help customers save $600 million in energy costs and reduce water use by 100 billion gallons by 2026.
  • By the start of 2027, we intend that all private brand fiber packaging for new SKUs will be compostable, recyclable or recycled content.
  • We’re on a mission to reduce or convert 200 million pounds of plastic to more sustainable materials in our products by 2028, making your shopping choices at The Home Depot better for the planet.
  • By 2028, both in-store and online, we will achieve 85% of U.S. and Canadian sales in push mowers and handheld outdoor lawn equipment by instead featuring rechargeable battery technology.

If you’d like to learn more about what we did this year and our goals for the future, you can visit our ESG report here.

As we wrap up 2023, the entire Home Depot team extends warm wishes for a delightful holiday season to you and your loved ones. Looking ahead, the anticipation for 2024 is high. We are eager to embark on new challenges, set even higher goals and continue our journey towards a greener future together.