Stanley Packaging

Stanley Black & Decker and its well-known brands, including DEWALT, STANLEY, and BLACK+DECKER, have a goal to advance sustainable packaging by utilizing 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Packaging is complex and serves many purposes from protecting products to educating consumers, so a shift of this magnitude is no small task. But with its sight set on building a more sustainable world, the company is focused on innovating with the purpose to create packaging that is part of the solution.

One Package at a Time

For a company with more than 500,000 different types of products, making a shift to 100% sustainable packaging doesn’t happen overnight. Improvement comes one package at a time.

In 2018 when Stanley Black & Decker made its sustainable packaging pledge, more than 80% of the packaging used was already paper-based or made from recyclable plastics.  Thus, the company’s efforts have been focused on the remaining non-recyclable packaging, beginning with the highest volume products to make maximum impact.

Once a product is selected for packaging improvement, teams from across the company support the efforts to innovate new, sustainable designs, taking into consideration retailer and consumer perspectives as well as durability, responsible sourcing and manufacturing as important inputs. And, to ensure the positive impact is maximized, teams work to implement packaging innovations for brands across the company where possible.

DEWALT Measures Up

Redesigning one package at a time makes a difference. Take for example the DEWALT TOUGHSERIES tape measure. This product underwent a sustainable packaging redesign that removed its traditional single-use plastic package in favor of packaging made predominantly of recycled cardboard. The new packaging eliminates 10,000 pounds of plastic per year – the weight equivalent of 458,000 0.5L water bottles being removed from the waste stream.


These brands are focused not only on using sustainable packaging materials, but also reducing the size of packaging and decreasing the amount of packaging material needed, putting them squarely at the forefront of championing a more sustainable future. Choosing companies and brands that create products focused on the environmental welfare of our planet – and taking impactful actions to make a difference– moves us all closer to a world with less plastic pollution.

This article was published on September 1, 2021. To learn more about current environmental efforts underway at Stanley Black & Decker, click here