A fresh coat of paint can not only transform the look of your home, but also better protect your walls and extend their life – regardless of what they are made of.

Just as different types of walls need different types of paints, different types of surfaces also need different types of painter’s tapes. By choosing to use the right tape, you’re choosing to end up with a better result. The Scotch® brand has a full line of painter’s tapes specifically designed to adhere to the different surfaces in your home.

In the production of Scotch painter’s tapes, 3M® strives to design waste and pollution out of the process, reuse and recycle materials when possible, and use regenerated resources. The adhesives used in Scotch painter’s tape are made without solvents and are either made from natural rubber harvested from rubber trees that is then regenerated by the trees or from water-based materials. The paper used in Scotch painter’s tape is made from bio-based materials and renewable resources and comes from responsibly managed forests. The full line of tapes is made in factories that are certified for energy management, and a portion of the energy used to produce the tapes comes from renewable sources.