Nike Grind is driving toward a more circular future, turning what was once considered waste into new opportunities to create. What began as a grassroots initiative in 1992 is now a global sustainability program that helps Nike to reduce waste and reuse excess materials by recapturing them via a robust circular supply chain.

To date, the Nike Grind program has recycled over 130 million pounds of Nike Grind materials into other companies' products, including carpet cushion and gym flooring tiles sold at the Home Depot.

For the past 10 years, The Home Depot has been the exclusive carrier of Future Foam’s StepAhead carpet cushion made with 90% recycled material, including Nike Grind premium foam scrap. To date, over 53 million pounds of Nike Grind have been recycled into StepAhead carpet cushion in an estimated 2 million US homes.

The Home Depot also recently introduced TrafficMaster gym flooring tiles that are made with 75% recycled rubber, including Nike Grind rubber.