For over 25 years, The Home Depot has been an advocate for sustainable forestry. It is both a passion and a business strategy. As a retailer that sells wood products, The Home Depot has made it a policy to prioritize certified wood. “Certified” wood is considered such by third parties that employ and monitor strict guidelines to ensure sustainable practices are followed. Sustainable forestry is about much more than managing trees. It’s a holistic approach that takes all aspects of a forest ecosystem into account.

One of our largest suppliers of wood products along the East Coast is J.D. Irving. Based in New Brunswick, Canada, JDI is a model of sustainable forestry in action. They know that a well-managed, diverse forest is the foundation of success, and part of that effort is maintaining the health of the various waterways within and around their property.

Over the last five years, J.D. Irving, Limited Sawmill Division invested $3 million to help reduce sedimentation and improve the health of waterways under its care. Read the full story to learn more.


Invested in Reducing Sedimentation