Even with the desire and intent to implement waste diversion solutions at home, actually ensuring each component enters the correct waste stream can prove challenging. Many households do not have access to composting and recycling solutions, and if available, there is confusion about what is accepted.

The team at Glad wants to help. Glad offers a full suite of waste solutions—including recycling bags for municipal blue bag and clear bag programs, compost bags and bins to facilitate composting, and ForceFlex drawstring kitchen trash bags that use less plastic while providing the same trusted strength—all to help simplify waste diversion and your sustainability journey. Additionally, Glad is partnering with like-minded sustainability organizations such as Recyclops to expand access to waste diversion solutions for communities without municipal programs.

Glad is your partner in outsmarting waste. That includes solutions for diverting waste that can be reused, reclaimed, or recycled and solutions to waste less when disposal is the only option. Read the full story to learn how Glad trash bags can help you outsmart waste and do more with less.