When it comes to sustainable home improvement, one of the most effective projects you can undertake is sealing and insulating your home. There could be up to half a mile of gaps and cracks in the average American home, which results in 25-40% of your home's heating and cooling.

What does this mean to homeowners? Higher energy bills, drafty windows and doors, and entry of moisture which can lead to mold and mildew buildup. Sustainability-minded homeowners who want to lower their energy costs, create a healthier living space, and reduce their carbon footprint should know about the latest product enhancements. Then, they can speak to their contractor about using safe and sustainable products to seal and insulate their homes. For example, the manufacturer of Froth-Pak Spray Foam recently announced that it had reformulated the product, making a significant reduction in its carbon footprint.

Read the full story and go behind the scenes to find out how far the scientists at DuPont were willing to go to make Froth-Pak more climate-friendly.

Froth-Pak is one of those behind-the-scenes products that homeowners may not purchase directly, but that still can be used in their home. And homeowners can certainly ask for it by name. Because the products used in your home, become part of your home.

– Nick Bramwell, The Home Depot, Insulation Merchant