It’s that time of year when hot cocoa and peppermint are on our minds, and holiday trees begin to appear at your local Home Depot stores. For many eco-conscious consumers, the Christmas tree debate is an annual tradition, a matter of looking for the latest carbon calculations in an effort to decide whether to buy a fresh-cut or artificial tree on behalf of the planet.

If you are wondering which tree is greener, we can help. While The Home Depot sells both fresh-cut and artificial trees, we recognize that neither option is carbon-neutral. However, there are choices you can make to reduce the carbon footprint associated with your holiday tree. In fact, one of the most critical decisions you can make is not which tree you buy, but what you do with it once the holidays are over.

If you want to understand the complete environmental impact of your holiday tree, read the full story.

The biggest factor when it comes to sustainability is not what you buy, but what you do with your tree when the holidays are over.