Native plants require an amount of water that is natural and subsequently sustainable in their geographic and climate region.

We are proud to be the first big-box retailer that has partnered with PlantRight in California, a program that raises awareness about ways to keep invasive plant species from entering local ecosystems and collaborates with the nursery industry to prevent the spread of these species.

Another California program we are proud to partner with is Our Water Our World, a collaboration of regional and local water pollution-prevention agencies in Northern California. Since 2003, we have collaborated with OWOW to raise awareness about less toxic pest management strategies and products that can help protect local waterways. Today, OWOW is active in 60 of our San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento area stores, assisting customers and training associates on Integrated Pest Management practices.

In the other corner of the U.S., we partner with Maine Yardscaping, a program that promotes healthy lawn care products and techniques to minimize toxins and polluted runoff entering waterways that are key in Maine’s ecosystems and economy. Maine Yardscaping helps educate customers and associates in four of our Portland area stores.