At The Home Depot, we know that the most sustainable tool isn’t necessarily the new one on the shelf; often, it’s the one that is rented, serviced and shared.

One person who knows about the impact of tool rental is Tony English. As the Senior Director of Merchandising for Home Depot Rental, Tony has joined Eco Actions to explain exactly what makes tool rental such an environmentally friendly option.   

EA: For anyone who hasn’t rented tools from The Home Depot, what do they need to know?

TE: First, it’s important to know that we rent everything from power tools to trucks. We have over 420,000 tools in our rental program, which includes indoor tools, outdoor tools, heavy equipment and power tools. We take pride in being in stock the vast majority of the time, which means that customers don't have to worry about showing up and not being able to rent the tool they want.

But to rent a tool, you really only need to know what you want to accomplish. We rent such a huge variety of tools that we have something for practically every project. And one of our objectives is to match people with the right tools for their project or need.