Recently, The Home Depot announced its most ambitious carbon goal to date: pledging to reach 100% renewable electricity for its facilities by 2030.

One of the architects of that goal is Craig D’Arcy, Director of Energy Management* for The Home Depot. We’ve invited Craig to Eco Actions to talk about the commitment and role his team plays in making it and keeping it. 

EA: Some of the biggest news to come out of The Home Depot in recent years is its participation in RE100 and its commitment to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2030. What role does your team play in that?

CD: The short answer is that my team is responsible for everything related to utility expenses, specifically for our U.S. stores. There are two components to our team, and what we work on. First and foremost, we have to take care of the stores and make sure that the environment inside is where we want it to be from a lighting and temperature standpoint. So, half of our focus is on energy usage in the stores. This comes down to working with the energy management control systems that are in every one of our stores to optimize lighting and HVAC use and be as efficient as we can be.

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