When it comes to saving money and conserving resources at home, toilets are an underrated source. One person who knows all about the impact of a high-efficiency toilet is Patty Stoffelen.

As the Merchant for Toilets and Toilet Seats at The Home Depot, Patty has likely bought, studied and tested more toilets than anyone in the world. We’ve asked her to tell us about the latest toilet technology and share her picks for the best toilets for saving water and money.

EA: Welcome to Eco Actions, Patty. Tell us what you do at The Home Depot, and about how you came into this role.

PS: Well, I’m the merchant for toilets and toilet seats. Unlike a lot of merchants who move between different categories and products, I’ve been in bath products merchandising for 25 plus years, and 11 of that has been with The Home Depot and 6 years in this position. The way I describe it to my son is that I buy more toilets than anyone in the world.

EA: Since you’ve been around toilets for so long, tell us what makes toilets so important to sustainability.

PS: The water conservation story is a huge part of the toilet industry. Whether you are concerned with water conservation from a scarcity or cost perspective, it’s a big deal. Toilets are one of the biggest sources of water in the home.

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