The positive and negative impacts of our actions can be measured in handprints and footprints. If a footprint is how one measures their negative impact on the environment, a handprint can represent the constructive things one does to benefit the environment. The team at Mohawk Industries believes in pursuing positive actions as well as minimizing negative impact. This type of exponential benefit is common in circularity, where natural resources are preserved while waste is eliminated. 

Mohawk, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer and long-time partner of The Home Depot applies circularity to carpet manufacturing by extending the use of natural resources. As the manufacturer of Lifeproof Carpet with PetProof Technology, Mohawk has designed a product that combines renewable resources with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about the specific environmental benefits Lifeproof Carpet with Petproof Technology, and find out how Mohawk is working to keep carpets out of landfills.