Many home improvement projects involve a trip to the lumber aisle. After all, building materials are the backbone of the home improvement industry. 

Given all the innovation and growth in sustainability across the home improvement industry, one might wonder what is happening in the lumber aisle. Is the 2x4 of today any different than it was decades ago? As the home improvement industry changes, so must the materials it uses. That's especially true for home-building materials and lumber. To find out how The Home Depot's shelves are responding to a changing industry, we spoke to Katie Hunt, Associate Merchant for Lumber and Building Materials at The Home Depot, to learn more about the industry that is the backbone of home improvement and find out how her department is approaching sustainability.

The Home Depot advocates for sustainability among all suppliers. We want suppliers that are committed to working towards sustainability, and we want suppliers that can get there without compromising performance or value. That’s true for lumber and every other department at The Home Depot.