One of the easiest ways to make your home more sustainable is by switching to LED light bulbs. If you’re new to LEDs, you’ve picked a great time to make the switch. LED technology continues to improve and expand so that these energy-efficient bulbs are better, smarter and brighter than ever. That is certainly true of The Home Depot’s EcoSmart brand of LED bulbs. And to help understand all the different choices – including what makes them “eco” and “smart” – we sat down with the EcoSmart team: Stacy Cianciola, Brand Manager; Will Maloney, Associate Merchant; and Bethany Wood, Senior Merchant.

EA: Welcome to Eco Actions, Stacy, Will and Bethany. Can you start us off by explaining the relationship between EcoSmart and The Home Depot?

ES: EcoSmart is an exclusive light bulb brand from The Home Depot. Like Husky, HDX and Hampton Bay, EcoSmart light bulbs are only sold at The Home Depot. With exclusive brands, The Home Depot has greater influence over brand decisions like value, selection and product innovation.

For example, this spring, shoppers will see a new premium line of EcoSmart light bulbs in stores. These light bulbs offer next-level programmable smart features and beautiful design. Think light bulbs that are dimmable, programmable, motion-sensing and dusk-to-dawn sensing, and feature integrated speakers for music, color-changing technology and more. Because we own the brand, we can advocate for more innovative features and greater selection while maintaining the quality and value people expect from EcoSmart and The Home Depot.

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