More and more often professional tool users are looking beyond ‘what will get the job done’ and ‘how much will it cost me’ and also asking, ‘how much will it cost the planet?’ Choosing products from manufacturers that demonstrate a meaningful commitment to a circular economy is an important step in helping to ensure that your project is as green as possible.

Companies like Hilti – whose core purpose is to “Build a Better Future” – are here to make that choice a little bit easier. Over the last five years, The Home Depot has added more than 25,000 Hilti tools to their rental portfolio. That’s important because tools are designed by the Hilti Group from the ground up with an eye on circularity. From the materials that go into every tool to their exceptional performance longevity and industry-leading recycling programs, Hilti tools are designed with the planet in mind.

Find out how Hilti is working to “Build a Better Future” through tools made for a circular economy.


The Home Depot Rental has purchased over 25K tools in the last five years.