Will Hudson has been part of The Home Depot team for almost two decades. Today, he is the Senior Merchant for Outdoor Portable Power and Walk Mowers. We’ve invited him to Eco Actions to talk about the transition to battery power that’s happening in the Lawn and Garden department, and what it means for the environment, homeowners and pros who shop at The Home Depot.

EA: How would you describe the change in products we are seeing in the Lawn and Garden department?

WH: We are experiencing a generational revolution in cordless tools for the Lawn and Garden space.  Brands are investing millions of dollars in powerful, versatile, high-performance cordless tools for all areas of the outdoor.  The performance of cordless tools can now exceed the capabilities of gas. Customers are looking for this innovation and local governments are now beginning to mandate the transition away from gas products.  When an entire category improves, consumers benefit from the competition. In other words, the battery-powered equipment we have today performs better and costs the same as gas-powered alternatives.

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