Trees and the products they provide are an essential part of our daily lives. None of us should have to choose between using the products we enjoy today and what we all need to preserve our tomorrow. If you want to help protect forests, choose brands that are committed to responsible forestry.

P&G brands, including Charmin, Bounty and Puffs, are committed to protecting, growing and restoring forests — and to helping families be more sustainable at home.

P&G’s paper products are made with 100% third-party certified pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests. Forest certification systems adhere to multiple criteria for sustainable forest management. For every tree Charmin, Bounty, and Puffs use, at least two are regrown.

Accelerating Forestry Certification Goals:

P&G prefers the Forest Stewardship Council® certification, the most trusted forest certification system. This standard has been recognized by many non-government organizations for protecting forests, biodiversity, and habitat to the highest level available. P&G Family Care recently set an ambition that by 2030, 100% of its paper products will be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® , helping raise the bar for the pulp industry.

Using Recycled Fibers, Investing in Fiber Innovation:

Currently, P&G Family Care brands use 98% recycled fiber in their fiber-based packaging. P&G remains dedicated to using recycled fiber where it has the most impact and accelerated its goal of achieving 100% recycled fiber in our fiber-based packaging before 2023, two years ahead of our original goal. Additionally, P&G Family Care brands are investing a total of $20 million by 2025 to accelerate research into alternative fiber approaches.

Strengthening Sourcing Accountability, Transparency & Disclosure:

Though P&G does not own any forests, the company is committed to sustainable forest management practices throughout its supply chain. P&G has strengthened its Wood Pulp Sourcing Policy, clarifying expectations for no deforestation, ensuring the protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights, and stricter forest certification requirements. The company also tracks and reports annually the amount of wood pulp purchased from suppliers certified under each forest certification system.

Expanding Forest Positive Programs:

P&G and its Family Care brands go beyond responsible sourcing and support efforts to keep forests as forests for generations to come. The company and its brands have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and American Forest Foundation to advance the protection of forests.

  • P&G is planting over 1 million trees between 2020-2025 in areas devastated by natural disasters with the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • P&G is working with family forest owners in the U.S. to better manage their forests through multiple collaborations with the Nature Conservancy and the American Forest Foundation.

Why Choose Charmin, Bounty and Puffs?

P&G and its Family Care brands are committed to going above and beyond to make products that create collective solutions that make a positive difference for people, forests and the world.

Help protect forests by choosing Charmin, Bounty and Puffs for your household needs. Plus, when you join the P&G Good Everyday rewards program, you can help turn your purchases of these products into acts of good, such as planting a tree with the Arbor Day Foundation and pledging to protect forests by seeking out FSC-certified brands and products — while earning rewards for yourself.